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Morfasso Gundogs specialise in working cocker spaniels and are based in the rural setting of West Sussex countryside. We are fortunate enough to have several shoots nearby, and from September, through to February, there is no shortage of opportunities to work the dogs, as we are picking up or beating at least 2-3 days per week on Partridge, pheasant, and rabbits, driven days as well as walked up days throughout the shooting season.

We are not commercially based or a commercial breeder however we do have the odd litter purely to satisfy our own requirements, the remaining puppies will go to working and trialling homes and as pets to suitable homes. All of our dogs are health tested with a Kennel Club BVA clear eye pass and tested clear for Prcd-PRA and FN Health tested and all future litter’s bred at Morfasso Gundogs will be bred from parents who have been fully health checked. All our dogs and puppies are KC registered, legally docked and dew clawed. We are passionate and very proud of our dogs and give our dogs and puppies the best quality possible with regard to nutrition, health and care. 

We are very careful with the lines that we breed and aim to produce top quality, good temperament, trainable gun dogs for the shooting field or as active loyal family pets and are confidant that any pup’s born here at Morfasso Gundogs will have all the right qualities that a prospective owner would be looking for.

If we do not have any puppies available please do still get in touch as we may know of a litter that one of our dogs has sired and can pass you on all the details. Our dogs are not just breeding or working dogs they are part of our family and enjoy a varied lifestyle. Please do take the time to look at all our dogs, stud pages and check the gallery where you will be able to see some of the pictures of the dogs training and working and past puppies from us and dogs that our stud dogs have fathered. We hope that you will enjoy looking at our site and seeing our dogs. We will keep the site updated on a regular basis, with new photo's, and any news of anything that maybe happening at Morfasso Gundogs, including any puppies we produce from our line, so please come back often.

We hope you enjoy our site




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